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TeenTalk Data Privacy Statement and Data Retention Policy

Young Melksham is a limited company by guarantee, registered in England number 7871666 and registered charity number 1147394. The charity is a Data Controller and is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). The charity complies with the guidelines set out under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) brought into force in May 2018.

This policy sets out what data we might collect from you, for what purposes we collect it, how it is stored and your rights.

Updated March 2020

Young Melksham processes personal data required in order to efficiently deliver listening support and counselling services. By completing a referral form for counselling or listening support, or by giving your personal data to Young Melksham via any medium, you are agreeing to the potential storage and use of your personal data.

Information we might collect about you

Personal data means any information about an individual from which they can be identified. This may include:

Contact details such as name, postal address, email address and telephone number or you and your carer if applicable.

Notes regarding any activities undertaken with Young Melksham (including, but not limited to, TeenTalk counselling sessions, Youth Work activities, 1-2-1 conversations with youth workers or other staff) such as the nature of the material spoken about during the session and /or how you might be feeling that day.

Forms you complete such as the Client Agreement form, CORE assessment forms and Client Feedback form.

Purposes of keeping your personal data

Young Melksham will retain your contact details in order to organise appointments with you or your carer/s as you specify and will store the contact details you submit in order to do so.

Young Melksham will retain any personal data you give via your referral including reason/s for seeking support, your expectations of and any requirements for service, including but not limited to data you provide regarding health or disabilities which you choose to give as related to your needs in relation to seeking support.

Young Melksham will retain any data required to evaluate the service or provide service appraisal required by funders or to effectively market the service if you give permission.

Young Melksham will retain a brief summary of each of your TeenTalk sessions in order to ensure that we can refer back to material covered if required to do so for reasons set out in section three below.

How we keep your personal data safe

Your personal data will remain securely held by Young Melksham at all times using an encrypted database with limited staff access.

Your referral notes will be transferred to the service from our website by email where they will be transferred into the database and the email deleted.

Personal data will be kept confidential at all times and only disclosed for reasons set out in section three below.

How long will personal data be retained

Personal data outlined in section one above will be retained for as long as your service might be required, for service evaluation purposes and for any legal implications including insurance provision.

At such a time as it is deemed unnecessary to retain your personal data we will securely delete all data we hold about you.

To find out more about our data retention policy please contact our Designated Data Protection Lead via Young Melksham at the Canberra Centre on 01225 667327.

Data sharing

Young Melksham will not share your data with any third party except in the following circumstances:

You express risk of substantial harm to self or others

We have a legal requirement from government agencies or forces to aid investigation for crimes such as terrorism, money laundering etc.

We receive a court order for disclosure

Your rights

At any time after providing your personal data, you can request to see what Young Melksham is holding about you. This can include a copy of what is held about you and an explanation as to why it is being held.

At any time you can request a correction to or erasure of your personal data. The charity reserves the right to deny erasure of certain data or refuse correction if it is required by the charity for the reasons stated in section two above.

At any time you can request Young Melksham to limit or cease data processing where applicable. The charity reserves the right to deny limiting or ceasing processing if deemed necessary for the purposes stated in section two above, or to terminate services if necessary.

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